LAI350 New Learning Environments Response

LAI350 New Learning Environments Response - New Learning...

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New Learning Environments for the 21 st Century – John Seely Brown I must honestly say, reading this article drove me crazy. Some parts of it made sense, because he was just repeating facts that many already knew. For example, he spoke of wikipedia and amazon, online courses and so forth. But on the other side, he seemed like the typical male that focused on all the positive aspects of videogaming and tinkering with objects. Reading about game based learning was very frustrating. I understand what he meant to an extent, playing World of Warcraft myself as well as other various games. He is right to say that you are constantly learning while playing games, but whether or not you could actually apply it to real life is a different matter. Just because you learned some knowledge about roman history (or in my case, Greek mythology – Age of Mythology), does not mean you know of the history and details. It helps yes, and makes you interested, but you cannot replace a simple game with a teacher and a classroom. With World of Warcraft, although it takes skill to be a leader in a guild and defeat many of the quests, it does not mean you are a leader in life. Brown states at one point when talking about World of Warcraft, “Isn’t it the same set of skills that the leader of s astartup or even a CEO neds to have? “ (Brown 17). I know several people who are in love with World of Warcraft, are at the highest level, and are leaders of a guild. One of them is 22 and does not go to college, has not had a job in over a yea,r and still lives at home playing this game. The other is someone who is 28 who lives on her own, playing the game on her days off from work. She has the lowest ranking position in her company
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LAI350 New Learning Environments Response - New Learning...

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