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LAI350 New Learning - Recently, technology seems to have...

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Recently, technology seems to have consumed our lives; it is natural to us and everyone expects to see technology dozens of times in a day. For example things such as emailing, internet, texting, voicemail, etc. are all part of a new age for the world. I agree that technology needs to be in classrooms to enhance education and that although many teachers have technology in their classrooms, they are not using it properly. Most of the time, teachers use PowerPoint’s and read off the slides; or other times they will just play a video to take up time (though the video may be beneficial). As the article stated, this is because the teachers themselves do not have enough knowledge of technology; they don’t know how to play with it, manipulate it, or be creative with it to allow newer and better ways for students to learn. As we spent all semester discussing, many students learn different and need to be taught in different ways. By teaching through a textbook, you are only reaching children who succeed with this type of learning. When I did my teaching observations at an elementary school, I noticed the difference between teachers. Most of them had SmartBoards, but only some of them were using it the correct way –
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LAI350 New Learning - Recently, technology seems to have...

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