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LAI350 Observation Response

LAI350 Observation Response - Sarah Jordan March 4 2010...

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Sarah Jordan March 4, 2010 LAI350 During my observations at Kaegebein Elementary School in Grand Island, I observed several different grades and several different subjects. Although each subject is different, all the teachers I observed used technology to enhance the education and further the learning experience for their students. It was a great experience to have an outside perspective and be able to see how much has changed in the past ten years since I was an elementary student. When I sat in on my first class, I felt pretty nervous. I was not sure if I would be able to put down enough information or whether or not I would be a bother to the teacher. Later on during the day, I still felt just as awkward and occasionally felt like I was interfering rather than observing. The students constantly turned around to look at me and the teachers always felt the need to introduce me and include me, although I just wanted to observe. Many of the teachers talked to me on the side and explained the technology used in their classrooms. All the classrooms I observed did not use chalk boards or white boards; they all used technology to teach their students. During my day, I sat in on a 4 th grade inclusion class. An entire lesson on Avalanches was focused on the Smartboard. This teacher enhanced the children’s education through technology, allowing the students to come up to the Smartboard and write on it, move objects around, choose options and make a mountain have an avalanche, etc. I thought it was neat;
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