LAI350 Savage Inequalities Response

LAI350 Savage Inequalities Response - When Martin Luther...

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When Martin Luther King Jr. was first assassinated in 1968, everyone thought of him as the savior of African Americans. We honored him with a national holiday and took pride in people who protested for their civil rights. He indeed made the first step to equality in America, but he never completed it. As the years pass, more people begin to believe that Mart Luther King Jr.’s dream was just a dream, and that we all need to face reality. People have forgotten to fight for equality, and instead have been part of the crowd who just gives in. Reading of Kozol’s 1988 experience in East St. Louis, I’ve come to realize that everything is interconnected in some way, whereas economics, education, segregation, crime, and success all seem to intertwine. If you live in a poor town, it will be filled with sickness, crime, unemployment, and poor funding for education. People who live in those towns have a hard time escaping. A 14 year old that Jonathan Kozol met stated, "the two things, race and money, go so close together-what's the difference? I live here, they live there, and they don't want me in their school” (Kozol). I found it surprising that the segregation in education was mainly based on economic reasons; many couldn’t afford to live elsewhere. East St. Louis was probably one of the poorest cities in the nation at the time, or close to it. It disgusted me to hear that the children, no matter their race, lived in such filth. Children and adults were raped and murdered
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LAI350 Savage Inequalities Response - When Martin Luther...

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