LAI350 Teacher Observation Response - Shorter

LAI350 Teacher Observation Response - Shorter - Sarah...

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Sarah Jordan March 4, 2010 LAI350 I used to believe that the older a person was, the more mature they became; when applied to schools, a student in a higher level would be more respectful of a teacher and their peers. It came to a surprise that age did not matter – students in 11 th grade acted like elementary school students. I came to realize that it was not maturity that caused a student to be respectful, but the curiosity of a student to remain quiet and learn something. I realized that classrooms that had creative ways of teaching were more successful than the others that had a more traditional didactic or authentic setting. During my observations, I noticed a huge difference in who could properly use technology to enhance learning and who could not. During the first half of observations, I watched young teachers use various technologies such as SmartBoards and sound field technology that allowed students to pay attention and have fun; even I was paying attention and learning about new things (i.e. such as Avalanches) because it was so exciting and interactive. When I viewed older teachers, both at Grand Island and at home on Long Island, I noticed they all thought they were doing a great job with technology, but really weren’t. "More and more students arrive at school more competent in these new multimedia literacies than their teachers"
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LAI350 Teacher Observation Response - Shorter - Sarah...

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