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CSE331 Sample Final

CSE331 Sample Final - NAME CSE 331 Introduction to...

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NAME: CSE 331 Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design Sample Final Exam: Fall 2011 Atri Rudra DIRECTIONS: Closed Book, Closed Notes except for two 8 1 2 × 11” review sheet. Time Limit: 2 hours 30 minutes. Answer the problems on the exam paper. Each problem starts on a new page. Make sure you write your NAME on the paper. If you need extra space use the back of a page. Problem 5b is a bonus problem. 1 /10 2 /30 3 /25 4 /20 5a /15 5b /10 Total /100 Bonus /10 FEW GENTLE REMINDERS: You can quote any result that we covered in class or any problem that was there in a homework (but remember to explicitly state where you are quoting a result from). If you get stuck on some problem for a long time, move on to the next one. The ordering of the problems is somewhat related to their relative difficulty. However, the order might be different for you! You should be better off by first reading all questions and answering them in the order of what you think is the easiest to the hardest problem. Keep the points distribution in mind when deciding how much time to spend on each problem. Spend time on the bonus problem only if you are done with the rest of the exam. Finally, relax and enjoy the exam! (If not think of time when you’ll be done with 331!) 1
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1. (5 × 2 = 10 points ) Answer True or False to the following questions. No justification is required. (Recall that a statement is true only if it is logically true in all cases while it is is false if it is not true in some case).
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CSE331 Sample Final - NAME CSE 331 Introduction to...

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