CSE331 Syllabus

CSE331 Syllabus - CSE 331, Introduction to Algorithm...

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Unformatted text preview: CSE 331, Introduction to Algorithm Analysis and Design Fall 2011 Mon Wed Fri 1:00-1:50pm, TALBRT 107 It is your responsibility to make sure you read and understand the contents of this syllabus. If you have any questions, please contact the instructor. Thanks to Carl Alphonce for kindly allowing the use of some language from his syllabus in this docu- ment. Please complete the online anonymous feedback form. Filling up the form is optional but I encourage you to fill at least the part about your preferred office hours. Instructor Information Atri Rudra ( http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/ atri ) Email: atri "at" buffalo "dot" edu Office: 123 Bell Phone: 645-2464 In-person Office Hours: Mondays and Fridays, 2:00- 2:50pm. Online office Hours: Look for announcements on the course blog. It is preferable to set up an appointment if you want to talk to me outside of my office hours. However, you can drop by if my office door is open. There will be some online office hours. Please follow the course blog for more details. TA Information Jesse Hartloff Email: hartloff "at" buffalo "dot" edu Office: Bell 232 Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00- 1:50pm 1 Jiun-Jie Wang Email: jiunjiew "at" buffalo "dot" edu Office: Bell 232 Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:00- 1:50pm and Wednesdays 2:00-2:50pm Recitations You should have signed up for one of these three recitation sections: Mondays, 12:00-12:50pm (6 Clemens) Tuesdays, 8:00-8:50am (138 Bell) Fridays, 9:00-9:50am (218 NSC) Attending the recitations is very important, as it will cover material that could not be covered well in the lecture due to time constraints and/or discuss homework problems (and their solutions once the homeworks have been turned in). Also the recitations will provide an opportunity to ask your questions in a smaller gathering. Course Description ( From the course catalog ) Introduces methods for algorithm design, paradigms such as divide and conquer, greedy, and dynamic programming, and techniques for algorithm analysis, such as asymptotic notations and estimates, as well as time/space tradeoffs. Topics include sorting, searching, scheduling, string matching, graph algorithms, computational geometry, and more. Pre-requisites Data Structures (CSE 250), Discrete Math (CSE 191) and College Calculus II (MTH 142). You need a grade of C- or above in these courses. If you do not satisfy the requirement, please come and see me. References We will be using the following textbook: Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, Algorithm Design. Addison Wesley, 2005. Occasionally, we might study topics that are not covered in the textbook. In such cases, supplementary material will be provided....
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CSE331 Syllabus - CSE 331, Introduction to Algorithm...

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