ENG201 7-10 Split Review

ENG201 7-10 Split Review - Sayles Reading 8 ladies(Janey...

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Sayles Reading - 8 ladies (Janey, Rose, Evelyn, Bobbi, Vi, Teta, Blanche, Pat, and Mae [narrator]) Mae works in nursing home with Janey (whom is younger than Mae, has a kid named Scooter); Blanche works in the cafeteria because she has the corns on her feet; Pat and Vi work at a department store "Woolworths"; Bobbi is a hair dresser (significant because she's very concious about her appearance, tries to make it as perfect as possible) Bobbi bought her own shoes because she doesn't want her size on them, not polite, uphold appearance, makes bowling look like a trophy bc has to look good - doesn't care about bowling well, just looking good Pat and Vi bowl by throwing as hard as they can (i.e. the anti bobbi in style); they are both really close and act like sisters; they're very filthy and jokes are directed at Bobbi (Rose sits between them because she's Catholic) Joke - using the guys balls (because Bobbi's getting the holes drilled); Pat and Vi ripping at her for getting her holes drilled
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