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Assignment #1: Op-Ed Length: 2 pages Rough Draft: Tues. Feb 1 st (In class) Final Draft: Thurs. Feb 3 rd (CompClass) An Op-Ed is a type of essay. It’s more personal than an academic essay; it’s also significantly shorter and doesn’t require extensive research. Instead, an Op-Ed is simply a short opinion piece — in the case of this assignment, 2 double-spaced pages. You can find Op-Eds on a daily basis in local and national papers. (Check out the New York Times for some examples.) Authors write them in order to bring attention to a particular issue of interest, which he or she feels has larger consequences. The subject of your op-ed is the media coverage of Cheryl Bernard. Using the information you learned through the Bernard readings as well as the secondary readings (Billings, Lucchetta, and Daddario), I want you to formulate an opinion piece on the transformation of Cheryl Bernard into a sex symbol. How and why does it happen? How is it justified? What is at stake? What does this case study say about the issue of gender in relation to sports? These are all questions to
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