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Assignment #3 (Compare/Contrast) – Build Me Up, Tear Me Down: The Representation of Heroes Length: 4-5 pages Rough Draft: Thursday March 3 rd Final Draft: Friday March 11 th Assignment #3 asks that you compose a 4-5 page comparison and contrast essay. I have provided a short PowerPoint lesson on how to go about writing a comparison/contrast essay; in addition, I strongly urge you to visit CompClass’s “ModelDocs” (located in the “Course Materials” section), which includes further discussion, and a video, that will help you write this type of essay. No research is required: you will depend exclusively on the week’s assigned readings. This week we read essays by Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe, and John Updike; pick two of these essays to compare and contrast. What exactly are you focusing on? Well, as the title of the assignment indicates, you’ll attempt to explain and analyze how the concept of the “hero” is represented in the two essays you select. Each author puts a unique spin on his hero. Each author employs a different writing style
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