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Assignment #4: Slidecast (i.e. PowerPoint) Due Date: Tuesday April 4 th The final part of the term is dedicated to your Research Paper (Assignment #5). In preparation for the research paper, I’d like you to create a PowerPoint / Slidecast presentation that [1] introduces the basics of your topic; [2] explains why you are interested in the topic; and [3] indicate potential avenues of investigation for your final research paper. In addition, your PowerPoint/Slidecast final grade will reflect your ability to implement the PowerPoint/Slidecast techniquest set forth by Garr Reynolds in his essay “Presentation Zen.” (Make sure to include a bibliography.) Here are some things you may want to focus on:
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Unformatted text preview: Have you minimized bullet points/text? Are the images appropriate, effective, properly sized? Is there a cohesiveness of design from slide to slide? Have you created a narrative? Are the transitions smooth and logical? If they ve used charts, do they present only key information? Do font and color choices result in readable slides? The purpose of the assignment is two-fold: first, it makes sure that you are thinking about your research paper topic early; second, you learn about how a different genre the PowerPoint forces you to present information in a way thats different from the research paper. Good luck!...
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