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Assignment #4: Slidecast (i.e. PowerPoint) Due Date: Tuesday April 4 th The final part of the term is dedicated to your Research Paper (Assignment #5). In preparation for the research paper, I’d like you to create a PowerPoint / Slidecast presentation that [1] introduces the basics of your topic; [2] explains why you are interested in the topic; and [3] indicate potential avenues of investigation for your final research paper. In addition, your PowerPoint/Slidecast final grade will reflect your ability to implement the PowerPoint/Slidecast techniquest set forth by Garr Reynolds in his essay “Presentation Zen.” (Make sure to include a bibliography.) Here are some things you may want to focus on:
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Unformatted text preview: • Have you minimized bullet points/text? • Are the images appropriate, effective, properly sized? • Is there a cohesiveness of design from slide to slide? • Have you created a narrative? • Are the transitions smooth and logical? • If they ve used charts, do they present only key ʼ information? • Do font and color choices result in readable slides? The purpose of the assignment is two-fold: first, it makes sure that you are thinking about your research paper topic early; second, you learn about how a different genre— the PowerPoint— forces you to present information in a way that’s different from the research paper. Good luck!...
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