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ENG201 Assignment 5 - Assignment#5 The Research Paper...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #5: The Research Paper Length: 8-10 pages Bibliography: Thursday April 7 th Thesis Statement: Tuesday April 12 th Rough Draft: Thursday April 14 th Final Draft: Friday April 22 th Hello, everyone. Thus far in the term, we’ve read a wide variety of essays on various topics and you’ve written short essays that tackle issues such as gender, heroism, and the relationship between sports and politics. The weekly PowerPoint lessons and readings from The Everyday Writer have also introduced key elements to successful writing (e.g. how to write a thesis; summary, paraphrase, quotation; using appropriate language; close reading passages, etc). Assignment #5— the longest essay of the term— asks that you synthesize everything we’ve done so far, and more. You will be writing am 8-10 page argumentative research-based essay, the focus of which will be a sports-related topic of interest. It can be anything you like (feel free to share your ideas with me and the class— I’ll create a discussion board for potential topics). You’ll defend a position on me and the class— I’ll create a discussion board for potential topics)....
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