ENG201 Hybrid Syllabus

ENG201 Hybrid Syllabus - ENG 201 HY4 and HY6: Advanced...

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ENG 201 HY4 and HY6: Advanced Writing 1 (Spring 2011) Instructor: Alessandro Porco Office: 534 Clemens Hall Office Hours: Tuesday 12:00-1:00 and 5:00-6:00 E-Mail: asporco@buffalo.edu Tuesday 2:00-3:20 (HY4) / Tuesday 3:30-4:50 (HY6) Course Description: Sports around the clock? Sports all the time? [ESPN’s] never going to work! That’s ridiculous. That’s like a twenty-four-hour cooking network or an all-music channel. Ridiculous. That’s really dumb. Seriously, this thing is going to be a financial and cultural disaster. – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy . . . we may not have had the background, or the education, to weep at Prince Hamlet’s death, [but] we had all tried enough times to pass and kick a ball, we had on our separate rock-strewn sandlots taken enough lumps and bruises, to know that we were viewing something truly fine, something that only comes with years of toil, something very like art. – A Fan’s Notes Welcome to ENG 201, a hybrid writing course intended to develop methods of analysis, argumentation, and research. The thematic focus of our class is Sports, Literature, and Culture . We will be reading, discussing, and interpreting a variety of texts— fiction, non-fiction, film, and cultural criticism— that tackle the shifting value of sports in everyday life. In particular, we will examine topics like the popular media’s sexualization of Olympic athletes (e.g. Canadian curler Cheryl Bernard); the representation of sports heroes (e.g. Jo-e DiMaggio, Junior Johnson, and Ted Williams); the relationship between sports and protest (e.g. the Phoenix Suns and Arizona’s 1070 Immigration Bill); and the instrumentalization of sports in the shaping of local, national, and international identities (e.g. Rugby in South Africa, Cricket in Trinidad). In addition, we will touch on the institutions and structures that constitute the field of sports. Though the readings are focused on sports-related topics and issues, it’s imperative to remember that the ultimate purpose of ENG 201 is to develop reading, writing, and research skills. To that end, a significant amount of time, both in class and online, will be devoted to acquiring and developing essential writing skills: creating a thesis statement, organizing arguments, developing introductory and concluding paragraphs, integrating and analyzing quotations, and revising essays drafts. In addition, you will be required to perform digital- and audio-based composition tasks in collaboration with fellow students: these include [1] creating and presenting a slidecast (PowerPoint) and [2] delivering and uploading a podcast. Sustained intellectual effort is necessary throughout the fifteen-week schedule in order to complete all the required assignments (papers, podcasts, slidecasts, exercises, responses, and online discussions). You need be prepared to do a significant amount of reading and writing. Since this is hybrid course, a significant amount of interaction and engagement will happen
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ENG201 Hybrid Syllabus - ENG 201 HY4 and HY6: Advanced...

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