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Sarah Jordan February 1, 2011 ENG201 Assignment #1 Female athletes were considered a joke when it came to sports, until recently. In the past, sports were dominated by men who believed they were stronger and better than woman in athletics. It has taken much effort for female athletes to gain the proper respect from the male population. Only by winning are they considered equal to men in sports, and even then, female sex appeal in sports takes away the effort and time put into dominating over males, especially in the Olympic Games. When people watch sports on TV today, many don’t realize how far women sports have come in the past decade or two. It has always been the television networks that portray females in athletics to the general population; it was the networks that did not recognize women as serious and amazing athletes in the past. Once networks, such as NBC, noticed that women have been the majority audience since 1998 Olympic Games, they have begun focusing on the women’s teams more frequently. Although women began getting more air on television, the audience still had higher
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ENG201 Jordan_1FD - Sarah Jordan February 1 2011 ENG201...

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