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ENG201 Podcast - Pod-Cast Script By: Nicole Smith and Sarah...

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Pod-Cast Script By: Nicole Smith and Sarah Jordan Communities within a Community Intro Sarah : Hey, my name is Sarah and joining me is Nicole. Today we will be talking about how sports can bring people together, however there can be a different feel and atmosphere between teammates. Sports can bring people together at both a local and international level. Nicole : I know what you mean. Sports can definitely bring people together at an international level. When I was twelve I went to Ukraine, and while we were there I remember going to a soccer game. I was with a group of people who were from all over the world, places like Australia, Canada, England, and so on. This was probably one of the times when we felt the most connected, because we were all there to cheer on the same team. It was nice to feel part of this “imagined” community when I was so far away from my real home. Sarah : That sounds like so much fun, and shows that sports can also bring different groups of people together from all over the world. It reminds me of when I went to Nicaragua a few years back to volunteer. I lived in the villages for several weeks, without knowing any Spanish. Even though I did not know the language, sports brought us together as a community by giving us a form of communication. Nicole : Did you go to any sports games while you were there? Sarah : Whenever we had free time, the town would play baseball together. While we did not have all the equipment, we did have a baseball and bat. Baseball is such a common sport in Central America that we did not have to explain the game. If someone did not understand a rule to the game, all they had to do was watch until they understood. I made many close friendships through this experience and even learned some Spanish from it
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ENG201 Podcast - Pod-Cast Script By: Nicole Smith and Sarah...

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