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Every four years when the Olympics come around, I usually focus on certain sports that I view as entertaining. Being a girl and not huge into sports, I usually watch the elegant and graceful ice skating or gymnastics. I have never heard of curling until I read this article, and was surprised that this sport was in the Olympics; I believed it to be a recently made up sport. After looking at Wikipedia, I learned that this sport has been around since the 1500’s in Scotland but is new to the Olympics. By researching curling, I have a new and respectful view of this sport. Reading about Cheryl Bernard was both shocking and interesting. When one thinks of an athlete, most do not think of the sex appeal of the person; still, in this decade it is understandable and almost expected of the fans. Over the decades, entertainment has become more sexual, especially in movies and music. Athletes have become celebrities that people have posters of or are obsessed with when watching TV. For example, many of my friends have male baseball
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