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The three articles we had to read took a very different approach to athletes. “The Silent Season of a Hero” by Gay Talese, “The Last American Hero” by Tom Wolfe, and “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu” by John Updike, all focused on the personal lives of these athletic heroes rather than their statistics or ‘greatest moments’. The first article, “The Silent Season of a Hero” by Talese was about Joe DiMaggio, a major league baseball player. Although he was a famous player, he would have preferred living a private life away from the fans of his career as well as his wife, Marilyn Monroe. After baseball, DiMaggio did not like appearing in public and had his fisherman friend lie for him to the fans about where he was. He begged his wife, Marilyn, to stop her career and her association with celebrities in Hollywood. After her death, DiMaggio blamed Hollywood for her death and would not allow certain people to her funeral that he believed were associated with the celebrity status.
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