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My "bowling" equivalent is suprisingly, bowling. Although I am a terrible bowler, never having lessons and never joining a team, I love late night bowling once or twice a week. I have learned that Buffalo does 75cent games on Monday and Thursday nights, which is much different from my hometown that has overpriced games. When I was 16 I dated someone older than me who was obsessed with bowling. He was part of a weekly bowling league, practiced several times a week, and revolved his life around the game and his friends who played it. Obviously, I spent a lot of time at the bowling ally and eventually, would pace at their games if someone was absent. Overtime I learned the skills of the game and proper bowling teqnique. For Christmas, my boyfriend at the time bought me a bowling ball and bowling shoes, telling me it wasn't worth renting them every week and that your own bowling ball would teach you to bowl better. After the gift, he took me out frequently to build up my teqnique and get used to my equipment. Now, years later, I am not with that boyfriend but I still love late night bowling in
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