CSE116 Final Review Topics

CSE116 Final Review Topics - o Trees Binary trees(BRStruct...

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Overview of Topics: Agile approach to SW Development o TDD, pair programming, etc. Code design Abstraction mechanisms: Generics: Patterns (Visitor, State, Singleton, Iterator, Strategy) o Information hiding: inner classes o Composition vs. inheritance Important interfaces o Java.util.Collection, java.util.Iterator Specific classes o Bag (array- based) o Lists (ArrayList, LinkedList, LRStruct) o Derived rom lists (stack, queue, sortedlist)
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Unformatted text preview: o Trees Binary trees (BRStruct, binary search trees (w/ order condition, heaps – see below)) Game trees Expression trees Tree traversals o Priority queues Heap implementation (w/ order and structure condition) • Exceptions, exception handling • Big-oh notation o Definition o O(N 2 ) and O(NlogN) sorting algorithms (selection sort, merge sort)...
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