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Anthropology October 28, 2009 Video: “The Feast” About the Yanomamo - Over 10,000 live in villages in Venezuela and southern brazil - Renew alliances of allies in different villages through feasting - Included traded items: hammocks, hallucinic drugs, arrow heads, tobacco, etc. during the feast - Visitors come in pairs, then enter in mass, circle village and then go into visitor pose; women aren’t part of political events. - The dancing ends at dusk; all night long they chant together asking for goodness? Or goods? - The morning after, is used for visiting the other groups and seeing what’s for trade - The giving and receiving of goods is an assurance of their friendship - Sometimes may trade palm wood bow for palm wood bow; just for the mutual exchange and friendship - They clean and cook before the feast; decorate their bodies - The host decorated their bodies with black circles? The visitors had squiggles and big dots and random things; may not mean anything - The visitors danced for their hosts in a circle
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