CSE250 QueueTestKWR

CSE250 QueueTestKWR - #include...

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Unformatted text preview: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <fstream> //for Assgt. 3, actually #include <cmath> //for "fabs" on Assgt. 3, if you use it (note: it's wonky) //you may need to do fabs(double(-------)) to disambiguate using namespace std; //class StringDeque;//You MAY need this for Assgt. 3 on your home compiler class StringQueue { public: //class StringDeque; //Causes weird errors on "timberlake"; don't know why friend class StringDeque; private: vector<string>* elements; int frontSpace; int rearItem; int maxAdds; //CLASS INV: frontSpace indicates first empty cell for pushFront // rearItem designates rear item (not space) for popRear--- // ---or if there is no such item, rearItem == frontSpace; public: StringQueue(int maxAdds) : elements(new vector<string>(maxAdds)), frontSpace(0), rearItem(0), maxAdds(maxAdds) { } virtual bool isEmpty() const { return frontSpace == rearItem; } virtual bool isFull() const { return frontSpace == maxAdds; } virtual int size() const { return frontSpace - rearItem; } virtual void pushFront(string newItem) { elements->at(frontSpace++) = newItem; } virtual string popRear() {...
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CSE250 QueueTestKWR - #include...

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