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Exam 1 Review Most likely location of the Proto-Indo-European homeland is the Pontic Steppe Ten major subfamilies of the Indo-European language family: 1. Germanic West Germanic (English, Dutch, German) East Germanic (Gothic) North Germanic (Swedish, Danish) 2. Celtic Brythonic – p-Celtic(Welsh, Cornish) Goidelic- q-Celtic(Irish) 3. Italic Sabellian (Umbrian, Oscan, Sabine) Latino-Falliscan (Latin: modern Romance languages, Faliscan) 4. Hellenic Ancient Greek (Mycenaean Greek, Doric) Modern Greek 5. Anatolian Second millennium BC (Hittite, Luvian) First millennium BC (Lydian, Lycian) 6. Balto-Slavic Baltic (Lithuanian) Slavic (South: Bulgarian, Macedonian; West: Polish, Czech; East: Russian, Ukranian) 7. Indo-Iranian Indic (Hindi, Sanskrit) Iranian (Farsi, Old Persian) 8. Aermenian 9. Albanian
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Unformatted text preview: Greg Tosk 10. Tocharian Tocharian A & B SOUND CHANGE IS REGULAR Cognates: related words in sister languages that develop from a common form in the parent language Structuralism: method of analysis in which the central tenet is that the significant of individual parts of a structure is determined by their position within the structure Ferdinant de Saussure: focues on linguistic structures and the indivudal elements within structures systems-His students collaborated their notes and wrote A course in General Linguistics-Founder of the modern study of general linguistics Russian Formalism:-Mosco Linguistic Circle – language analysis-Petrograd Society – literary analysis (structuralism) Vladimir Propp: authored the Morphology of the Folk Tale...
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