APY265 Gulen - Sufism

APY265 Gulen - Sufism - Fathullah Glen Sufism 1 This book...

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Unformatted text preview: Fathullah Glen Sufism 1 This book is the second volume of the Emerald Hills of the Heart series, which brings out a comprehensive and unique examination of concepts and terms associated with sufism in Islam. In this volume, Gulen looks at fifty different concepts. With an introduction on the heart and some of its dynamics, this work is a rich addition with more gates into spirituality. Concepts examined include freedom, altruism, wisdom, sainthood, intoxication and sobriety, wakefullness and the universal man..This book is a comprehensive study of concepts and terms associated with Sufi traditions of Islam. Gulen's informative analysis of Sufi ideas is a must read for those who seek a understanding of the dynamics of sufism. For Gulen, sufism is a form of self-purification leading to inner dimension of Islamic rituals, a deeper understanding of the divine acts, and a greater knowledge and love of the Divine. The continual process of spiritual development in sufism along a path of the innate human poverty, helplessnes, and powerlessnes before God is undertaken in the knowledge that everything come from God. The first volume of the Emerald Hills of the Heart presents such sufi concepts like repnetance, reflection, self-criticism, asceticism, piety, abstinence, self-supervision and sincerity. 'Ashq (Passion or Intense, Ecstatic Love) 'Ashq means intense love of and fondness for perfection, beauty, or physical charm. Sufis usually call this sort of love figurative or metaphorical love, such as love for the opposite sex. Real love, the love of the Eternal Monarch, is felt for His Grace and Beauty manifested within His Majesty, and for His Majesty manifested within His Grace and Beauty. The real, intense love felt for God is a wing of light granted to us by Him so that people can use it to reach Him. Feeling such love can be described as the spirit being like a moth drawn toward the Light, the essence of existence. This intense love is the most basic and mysterious cause of the universe's creation. God has created the universe in order to be known and loved, and so that those souls awakened to truth would feel and manifest a deep interest in His Essence, Attributes, and Names. 'Ashq, which the spirit feels without the intervention of free will, cannot be controlled by the person so affected, for its real source is God, Who loves Himself in a way special to His Sacred Essence and is essentially independent of the created. In addition, it is essentially different from the love felt by the created for the created or the Creator. This sacred, essential love of God for Himself, including His Attributes and Names, is the reason why He created the universe and why He caused humanity to appear in the world. It is also this love that manifests itself in human beings as love of God, as the most essential center of humanity's relationship with God....
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APY265 Gulen - Sufism - Fathullah Glen Sufism 1 This book...

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