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APY421 Death and Dying Syllabus

APY421 Death and Dying Syllabus - Ana Mariella Bacigalupo...

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Ana Mariella Bacigalupo APY 421 THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF DEATH AND DYING Fall 2010 351 Fillmore Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-10:50 am SUNY Buffalo Prof. Ana Mariella Bacigalupo [email protected] 716-645-3214 Office 363 Fillmore Office Hours: Thursdays 11am-12.30pm In this course we will explore the interrelated social, cultural, medical, and political underpinnings of death and the way different communities have responded to it. Nineteenth- century anthropologists speculated that the origin of religion was to be found in the puzzlement of early humans about what differentiates the living from the dead. Twentieth-century anthropologists interpreted death as a potential tear in the social fabric, requiring symbolic management for societal stability. We will explore the confusion about dying and death resulting from experiences of rebirth and medical technologies that maintain people’s lives through the body parts of cadavers. We will also analyze mourning, living in the wake, compassionate cannibalism, modern-day American care for the dying, and the politics of death. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1) Attendance: You are expected to attend class and are responsible for signing the class attendance sheet every class. Your attendance counts for 10% of your grade. Only absences with a written justification from a doctor, therapist, or athletics director will be excused. Regarding attendance the university states the following: “Students may be justifiably absent from classes due to religious observances, illness documented by a physician or other appropriate health care professional, conflicts with University sanctioned activities, public emergencies, and documented personal or family emergencies. The student is responsible for notifying the instructor in writing with as much advance notice as possible of required absences, preferably at the beginning of the course. It is recognized that such absences, especially for illness, emergencies, or University sanctioned activities may not be known at the beginning of the semester. Absences for University sanctioned activities shall be certified in writing by an appropriate senior University administrator, e.g., the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean for Student Affairs, the Director of Athletics, or the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Students are responsible for the prompt completion of any alternative assignments.” http://studentresponse.buffalo.edu/policies/classabsence.shtml 2) Class Participation: Please do the assigned readings BEFORE coming to class and come prepared to participate actively in overall class discussions. Your active participation in the class
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