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APY421 Didion Outline - The Year of Magical Thinking by...

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The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion Chapters 6 - 11 October 4, 2010 Sarah Jordan Didion speaks of her personal experiences of death Several years ago, had an apprehension of death while walking – she saw a strange burst of sunlight while walking down West Fifty-Seventh Street in Manhattan. Years before, dreamed about an ice island that symbolized death – all ice, translucent, glittering in the sunlight Both were considered positive experiences of death Didion wonders why, if she is okay with her own positive images of death, why is she so unaccepting of her husband’s death Views the death of her husband as something that happened to her rather than John Realizes she has reached a stage of self –pity John told Didion that he believed he was dying–he stated that everything was worthless and she dismissed it as depression, not recognizing his death announcement He was depressed – novel in limbo between delivery and publication, his lack of confidence about the book he started writing Also dealing with health issues – health problems, pacemaker Didion recalls a fight they had in the fall about their trip to Paris in November. John claimed that if they didn’t go to Paris that November, he would never see it again. Didion viewed it as blackmail, they ended up going. Didion’s memories are triggered by events that remind her of her husband she saw someone reading the Herald Tribune – triggered memory of being with John in Paris Found in pocket a used metro ticket from Paris – triggers memory of a conversation with John This shows that Didion’s life is so intertwined with her husbands, and that this is a part of her grieving process “Why did I keep stressing what was and was not normal, when nothing about is was?” (83) Didion explains her experiences of telling her daughter about John’s death
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APY421 Didion Outline - The Year of Magical Thinking by...

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