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Dept. of Economics, California State Univ. Fullerton Principles of Macroeconomics, Fall 2011 ESSAY ON MACROECONOMIC TOPIC Due Date: November 28 th (Monday) 1. Find recent (after September 2011) macro news article related to one of the following topics. 1) General prospects of U.S. economy 2) Federal government’s economic policy and its effectiveness 3) Federal reserve’s reaction to current economic crisis 4) European countries’ defaults and their effects on U.S. economy 2. First, summarize your article . 3. Second, using economic models, analyze the conclusions of the article in your own way. Since we don’t have one correct answer for many macroeconomic issues, I do
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Unformatted text preview: not grade your conclusion. Instead I want you to have your own thinking and analysis. 4. Based on the quality and originality of your own analysis, the grade on this essay will be determined. 5. Again, your homework should be composed of two parts, Summary Part and your Original Analysis Part . Make sure that you have to have 2 separate parts in your homework. 6. To enrich your own analysis, it would be better to have graphic and numerical analysis. 7. Be sure to photocopy the original article and turn in with your draft. If you have any question on this, please let me know. Thanks! SeiWan...
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