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866 Final Critique Hang Clean He’s good in keeping his back straight and pulling the bar up, but I don’t see enough dropping down to catch the bar, but that’s probably because he is using light weight. His stance doesn’t get wider or more stable, but he’s still able to keep balance and keep his back straight so he doesn’t fall backwards. I’m pretty used to dropping my body down in catching the bar now, but I’m still now used to pulling the bar high enough as I start. As I catch the bar, I catch it with my hands and wrist rather than across my upper chest. This can be a problem as I try to clean heavier weights since my
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Unformatted text preview: wrist will not be able to support heavier weights. Squat He’s really good at keeping his back straight and his chest wide and he seems like he’s going low enough to complete the exercise. However, as he is squatting, his heels seem to come up just a little bit. As I squat my back seems to be strained and it looks as if I’m arching forward. This would give a high pressure on my lower back hurting it. I perform the exercise a little too fast, when I should be going slower, in a more controlled motion....
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