Marble Launcher (2) - Maximum Height of a Marble Launched...

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Maximum Height of a Marble Launched from Different Angles In order to find the maximum height of the marble launched at the wall for various angles, a marble launcher with a constant launching velocity is placed at a fixed distance from a wall. The constant launching velocity is determined prior to the experiment. The obtained experimental value is then discussed and compared to the theoretical value. I. INTRODUCTION A marble launcher is placed one meter away from a wall. The marble launcher is set to launch the marble at a certain angle. The marble is then launched several times against the wall and the maximum height for the particular angle is recorded. The angle is then changed to see which angle can project the marble to the highest height at the given distance. The initial velocity of the marble when launched is determined by seeing how far the marble travels, leveled to the launched height, in the direction at a certain angle. II. THE MODEL The motion of a marble launched from a marble launcher can be described by two equations. (1) This equation describes the height of the marble in the direction, where is the initial height, is the initial launching velocity and is the angle at which the marble is launched. (2)
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Marble Launcher (2) - Maximum Height of a Marble Launched...

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