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America Needs Re-volution The American Revolution gives many Americans a sense of patriotism and independence. The story the thirteen colonies standing against the injustice of Britain, and winning the battle for their independence is familiar to many individuals. The history of the revolution teaches American children to not allow someone else to tell you what to do, but to stand up for what you think is right; justice. Today, America has grown to be the most powerful country in the world. Its influence goes beyond the American continents, and extends all the way to Europe and the Middle East. Has not America now become the country that has a policy to become a global empire, the exact goal Great Britain once had during the American Revolution? The only difference would be that America’s goal is closer to becoming a reality; not that America holds a number of colonies throughout the world, but that it holds too much political and militant influence in foreign nations. America, the nation founded from ideas that did not like intervention from its
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american%20revolution2[1] - America Needs Re-volution The...

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