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ME199Finalpaper - not because the work we were doing was...

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This semester was my first semester in the FSAE club. As an electrical engineer I was a bit hesitant in joining the FSAE club. Most of the things that I have heard about the club seemed to be mostly related to Mechanical Engineers. But with the encouragement of Mingoo, I attended the first FSAE meeting and enrolled into ME 199. As a sophomore I was looking for opportunities to work with my hands. I took my first electrical engineering class the previous semester so I was eager to see if I would be able to apply anything that I learned in class. I was most definitely, terribly wrong. There was really not much that I was able to apply. But that was
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Unformatted text preview: not because the work we were doing was not technical, but because my knowledge about the field was so limited. However, I continued to attend the meetings and read the book when the assignments were given. I went to the battery meetings to help disassemble the battery pack and test each cell to get analysis for the individual batteries. Though I came in with little knowledge my team leader and teammates were very kind to teach me whatever I needed to know to fulfill the tasks. The most valuable lesson I learned was that there was so much for me to learn. I am very glad to have joined Formula Hybrid....
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