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Unformatted text preview: Computer Music Recognition Another technology that has become widely popularized is computer music recognition. With the popularization of iPod's and mp3s and the advancement of high quality speakers, music and sound has become an essential part of the background setting in all locations. From clothing stores to restaurants and even to bathrooms, music and sound surrounds the atmosphere everywhere people go. With the popular culture promoting such environments, Computer Music Recognition technology gained much attention. The need for such technology came about as people listened to different songs in public and wanted to identify the song so that he or she could listen or purchase the song. This was difficult in the past where people had to rely on others around them to recognize the song for them (which also carried a risk of looking uncultured and stupid, "What? You've never heard of T-Pain?"). In today's society; however, computer music recognition software is implemented into products like the iPhone or Blackberry...
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