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“Hollywood if kind-of a sick place -- a lot of talent, too few jobs. If you’re an electrical engineer from [UIUC] and you know the tools, you’ve got no problem.” While these words from Professor Lippold Haken, Ph.D. may seem like hyperbole, there is a grain of truth in this statement. Advancements in electrical and computer engineering have led to the sub-area of computer music synthesis, audio, and acoustic, and there is a market for skills in this area. While there are many topics in computer music synthesis, audio, and acoustics, five topics stand out: audio encoding and compression, speakers, MIDI, computer music recognition, and Auto-Tune. Without the development of speakers, audio pop culture would not be where it is now. Audio encoding and compression has allowed much greater ease in storing and sharing fast amounts of music. This has greatly increased how much music people are exposed to, allowing for great diversity in popular music. The usage of Computer music recognition technology has
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