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Albert Lin ECE 110 Research Activity: Loudspeakers Loudspeakers have revolutionized the music industry as well as businesses across the world. This technological advancement has allowed people to listen to their favorite musical artist without worrying about where they were in relation to that artist; instead of having to go to performances or concerts, people are able to go anywhere and listen to the music they love. Loudspeakers allow artists to critique their own music, mass produce their albums to bring in enormous revenue, as well as increase the size of their audience at a given performance. Not much has changed through the years in terms of the design of drivers in the loudspeakers until now. Engineers at the University of Warwick, located in the UK, are trying to change the game completely; they are working on designing an electrostatic loudspeaker that is extremely thin, flexible, and light weight. Instead of the cone shaped driver of traditional speakers it will use a combination of three layers, an insulator sandwiched between two
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