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Eric Liu ECE RA Group 5 Music Synthesis, Acoustic, Audio MIDI One component that plays an important role in the music industry is MIDI, also known as Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Music synthesizers are electronic musical instruments that produce music. However, it was not until 1982 that MIDI was born and revolutionized the music industry(MIDI Manufacturers Association, 1). According to Jeffrey Hass, “The development of the MIDI system has been a major catalyst in the recent unprecedented explosion of music tech- nology” (Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One, 1). MIDI has been called “a major cata- lyst” because it has made life easier for computer musicians such that it provides a “powerful computer instrument networks and software” with universal “hardware connectors” and “digital codes” in all designs involving a musical instrument (Hass, 1). Popular companies known today as Yamaha, Korg, Kawai, and many more came out with MIDI-capable instruments in 1983. As
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