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11.15.04 - Pragmatism

11.15.04 - Pragmatism - about the substance is through...

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Final Exam: December 15 th 4:25 – 6:25 In neither Empiricism nor Rationalism, do they tell you what to do if you make a mistake. The ermpiricist says you bring past experience, and compare it to present experience to reach a conclusion. Rationalists use reason. Pragmatism brings past experience, goals, and values. Pragmatism says to go back reevaluate your past experience, your goals, and your values, and find out what made the mistake. Pragmatism allows you to question everything, but it never allows you to be certain about anything. No matter how clear and sturdy you believe your goal to be, something could change your mind. Metaphysical Problems 1. Sustance – treats the metaphysical problem epistemologically. i.e., how we know
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Unformatted text preview: about the substance is through experience of properties of it. 2. The Eucharist – treated pragmatically – the change is in the substance. 3. Material S. – treated pragmatically b Berkeley – trouble finding substance – so deny it exists – God sends ideas directly to us. 4. Spiritual substance – i.e., soul – of what use? Consciousness is what is important. 5. What difference can it make if the world is run by matter or spirit? As far as the past is concerned there is no difference. Hence, the question is idle. 6. What about for the future? Substance depends on our ability to perceive it....
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