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HIS 211 06/30/2010 Unit 6 Discussion Questions Is it possible to be too rich? Why or why not? No. It is too difficult to quantify a universal amount for ‘too rich’, especially in terms of a country. Too many people come from different income levels and accustomed lifestyles for there to be one definitive monetary amount attached to this question. One can be too rich in context though. For instance, dos Santos of Angloa was too rich in comparison to his fellow Angolans but not ‘too rich’ by general standings. I think someone can be too rich for their own good though. I think it is quite possible for someone, or a country, to treat money as though it is expendable, which it really is not. Regardless of how wealthy one is or how great their income is, it is important to pace one’s spending and use money responsibly. I also think the opposite of this question would bring up an interesting set of answers: is it possible to be too poor? I think many people would answer yes but I think it would be interesting to see what people would say
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