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HIS 211 07/14/2010 Unit 10 Discussion Questions Should the majority always rule? Why or why not? I’m not sure how I feel about democracy and letting the majority rule. In our own country I think it is flawed and I disagree with the people that often make up the majority. If everyone was worldly, educated, and mature in their actions, thoughts, and beliefs then maybe I would be much more okay with majority rule but since that is an impossible standard I can’t help but resent those who are not yet still take part in the democratic process. My feelings regarding majority rule are really that if those taking part in the vote, ruling, etc. “deserve” to be casting a vote then yes the majority should rule. However I cannot think of one instance where I view all voters as qualified and deserving. At the same time I think majority rule and democracy are far better than a dictatorship or theocracy. Under what conditions should the views of the minority be protected?
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