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HIS 211 Unit 3 dq

HIS 211 Unit 3 dq - HIS 211 Discussion Questions Unit 3...

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HIS 211 06/20/2010 Discussion Questions: Unit 3 Would you hire someone if you owed them a favor even though they weren’t the best qualified candidate? Why or why not? Regrettably, I think I would. I say regrettably because I clearly would be passing up a more qualified, talented candidate by making this choice. I think I would feel obliged to help someone out if I owed them a favor of substantial size. If I were to not offer them help with finding a job or did not hire them I would feel as though I took back my word to some extent. Of course if the person in question could clearly not handle the position or was not fit for such a role I may not hire them but I would feel obliged to help fine a more suitable job. Is it better to earn money by working yourself or to take a cut of somebody else’s profits? Why? This is a difficult question because I think it depends on the context. If I were deserving of a cut of someone else’s profits (meaning I was somehow involved in their
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