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HIS 211 07/19/2010 Unit 11 Discussion Questions Why do we think ‘different’ means ‘worse’? I think it’s because we are uncomfortable with the idea of something being different. It is a human quality to want to feel accepted and when someone is different it threatens one’s “place” in society. Of course if you ask someone does different = worse, nine times out of ten your response would be no. But if you were to ask someone if radical ideas or non-conformist beliefs are worse, I would guess more people would say yes. I also think that people have too many naïve, ignorant, preconceived ideas about religion, race, etc. that when people differ from their beliefs they are inherently wrong and therefore worse. Are you most comfortable in a room full of people like you or people not like you? Why? I am most definitely most comfortable in a room full of people like me. I feel comfortable and like less people are judging me. I feel more at ease talking and sharing my views since I imagine those around me have similar beliefs and thoughts. I am less
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