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HIS 211 unit 4 dq - HIS 211 Unit 4 Discussion Questions Is...

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HIS 211 06/22/2010 Unit 4 Discussion Questions Is it easier to control a large number of people directly or to use a few middlemen to do the dirty work? Why? I feel it is easier to control a large number directly rather than use a few middlemen. Whenever you have someone do work on your behalf you risk the quality of the job and even if the work will be correctly delivered to the workers. I think it is safer to do the work yourself. Of course one can not take on an impossible amount of work so if you need trusted employees to help relay any information and check the work that is being performed then I think that is a good idea as well. By allowing middlemen to do work for you, one also increases the risk for corruption and an attack on one’s power. It would be easy for the middlemen to begin to get jealous or sick of doing the dirty work. I think it is a safer role if one controls a large number of people directly rather than allow a few others to do the work for them.
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