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HIS 211 unit 9 dq - HIS 211 Unit 9 Discussion Questions...

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HIS 211 07/12/2010 Unit 9 Discussion Questions Would you give money to someone on the street who asked you for it? Why or why not? Whether it is because I have been raised to be skeptical of people’s intentions or because I have developed a generally cynical attitude about the world, I would not give money to someone on the street. I do not doubt that many of the people asking for money genuinely are in need and may even spend it on what they say but I don’t feel that 100%, or even 90%, will. I don’t like the idea of being conned into giving someone money or being lied to. I feel I am an average to above average person when it comes to philanthropic acts. I feel I give enough of my time, resources, and money to various charities I trust and understand that I do not feel guilty by not giving money away to strangers on the street. I also am very stingy with my money, and being a typical college student, have very little to spare.
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