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HIS 211 unit 5 discussion questions

HIS 211 unit 5 discussion questions - HIS 211 Unit 5...

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HIS 211 06/28/2010 Unit 5 Discussion Questions If you could only invest in one, would you choose agriculture or industry? Why? I would choose to invest in agriculture. I may be partially biased since I did the reading prior to answering these questions, but I feel that agriculture is the safer of the two options. After reading about so many failed industry investments, agriculture seems to be the less risky option. In a society such as the United States I may choose to invest in industry but when given the same set of options in Africa agriculture appears to make more sense. For many people agriculture is more than a job or means for food, it is a tradition that has been passed on and on through generations. It makes more sense to take what most African people are already good at, agriculture, and enhance it. I also think that by investing, and hopefully improving the agriculture sector, that it will enhance the economy as a whole. People will worry less about food and will be able to spend their money in other ways.
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