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English 1B Section 4 Craig Lore 12 October 2010 Awareness of the Food We Eat Our physical health begins with the food we eat, and many Americans are unaware of the dangers of eating unhealthily. When we are unaware of the ingredients in the food we eat, we are taking huge risks. They are a mystery and can sometimes give your body some uncomfortable feelings. Today, many Americans are confused by what to eat, and often, they fall into the scheme of the food industry and nutrition scientists who try to manipulate the public by stressing the importance of eating certain nutrients. Over time, we have forgotten traditional eating values such as preparing our own meals and eating with other people. We all want what’s fast and more affordable, so that we begin to put our own physical health at jeopardy. This is why the percentage of Americans who are obese and get diabetes has been steadily increasing over the years. In order to improve our physical being, we must stay away from fast food, prepare our own meals, and become more aware of the amount of food we are consuming every day. As a senior in college, I have had my share of fast foods. During my freshman year, I lived right across the street from a Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and a 7-Eleven. Always on the go, and with limited funds, I would eat fast food for every meal of the day. As physiological psychologist and obesity expert James O. Hill, PhD wrote, “’We have an environment that provides food everywhere—it’s inexpensive, good-tasting and served in large portions,”’ (DeAngelis 309). By the end of the first semester, I had gained a whopping seventeen pounds!
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I soon began going to the grocery store to purchase food, mostly microwavable products. I fell into the scheme of buying foods with health claims such as “low-fat”, “high fiber”, and
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research food paper - English 1B Section 4 Craig Lore 12...

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