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annotated bib reseach essay - Comm 100W Section 2 16 March...

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Comm 100W Section 2 16 March 2011 Annotated Bibliography 1) Futterman, Matthew. “Golf’s Big Problem: No Kids.” (2010). The Wall Street Journal . Web. 3 March 2011. In this article, Futterman lists a few important statistics, which show that the decline of youth golfers may be due to the fact that there are a limited number of golf courses that cater to their needs. He goes into detail about how golf course developers and entrepreneurs are more concerned about the revenue that the land can derive rather than having facilities that charge a lesser amount to play. He believes that the steady decline of youth golfers could be detrimental to the future of the sport. However, Futterman does point out a few golf organizations that are trying to provide the youth with proper facilities and guidance. He thinks that more effort still needs to be put in to attract more kids to learn the game without having to pay a premium price or have to play a course that is not suitable for their beginner abilities. This article is important in my research because Futterman offers vital statistics to provide evidence that there is a correlation between the decline of youth golfers to the decreasing number of facilities catered to their needs. In my paper, I want to highlight the major problems that kids experience when learning to golf. Futterman gives several key reasons why most golf courses do not attract beginning young golfers. 2) Holt, Nicholas L. “Positive Youth Development Through Sport.” (2009). International Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport , 1-3. Through extensive research, Holt correlates the involvement in sports with positive development of youth. He emphasizes the importance of sports participation and how it is associated with higher academic performance in school, greater likelihood of attending college, and more satisfaction in one’s first job. Sports play a major factor in adolescents’ physical,
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social, psychological, and achievement-related behavior and development. Holt continues to go
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annotated bib reseach essay - Comm 100W Section 2 16 March...

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