11.17.04 - Pragmatism Cont

11.17.04 - Pragmatism Cont - Write a dialog in which the...

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Write a dialog in which the principle interloculars are Hume, Descartes, James, and Pitt on the values of pragmatism. In part I of the final. Previously on “Pragmatism” - Application of pragmatism to problems in Metaphysics. o Free will, absolute mind etc. are things that make us understand our ends, our goals, and make them better. - Abstract ideas are meaningful in the sense that they aim to produce a better world. - We need to have some acquaintance with abstract ideas in order to experience the world. “Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.” If you have a thought that is not drawn from anything in the real world, they are empty, intuitions without any concepts to relate to are blind. Question: is the world just one world, or is it comprised of many parts? Why is this question important? - Because it has a great deal of influence on the full set of one’s beliefs. Humans aim for a kind of totality in our understanding of the world. - Our curiousity about the world goes pari passu with our desire to categorize. Aim: Assume the world is One. What are the consequences of that belief? Consequence 1: Invesigatory Tehsis
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11.17.04 - Pragmatism Cont - Write a dialog in which the...

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