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Phil 186 TuTh 9-10:15 Lisa Bernasconi 2/24/11 Critical Response Paper As a deontologist, George should not accept the job offer. Deontologists believe in rules and duties and live by them without factoring in the consequences. His moral belief and rule is opposing chemical and biological warfare. If he were to partake in this, he would go against his moral duty. According to the Categorical Imperative, “a command or rule has no exceptions.” Therefore, if he does not support chemical and biological warfare, he cannot make an exception for him to do it. It would be illogical. Also, being a deontologist, he believes in good will and lives by it in order to sustain moral worth. His intelligence in chemistry is not good if used for evil purposes like mass killings in chemical warfare. He has to devote his life to good, even if it means sacrificing the amount of pay he would receive.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to test whether he should accept the job, he can refer to universal acceptability where one needs to look at the perspectives of both sides. Therefore, he would have to consider the side of people who would be affected by the warfare. He must treat other people as ends, never merely as means. As rational beings, no one would want to be plagued by chemical or biological warfare. This shows he should not take the job offer. As a deontologist, George will need to find another job and one that is morally right to his standards. Although this might mean devastating consequences for his family, his work needs to be in accordance to his good will. He needs to put his intelligence to good works and not into research that could potentially end up in mass killings. George will feel better about himself if he does not accept this job offer....
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