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Comm 100W Section 2 Nita George 31 January 2011 Communication Studies Communication studies is an academic program, which deals with communication within democracy, diversity, technology, and globalization. Through communication studies within democracy, one can learn to exercise their right to express themselves freely through dialogue, argument, and persuasion (WordIQ). Communication studies is important when learning about diversity, because it allows people to understand different perceptions, beliefs, and values in different communities and cultures. Technology is also important in this field because it can bridge human communication gaps from around the world.
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Unformatted text preview: Another key area of communication studies is globalization in which one can learn about the “interconnectedness, integration, fragmentation, and conflict within human societies and culture in global conflicts” (SJSU Comm home page). Communication studies is a field that can be very advantageous to everyone. It teaches people to express themselves more coherently. It also allows people to understand and interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. This field looks into great detail of how people in different societies interact whether it’s through dialogue or through the media....
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