global warming - -1Nufs139 TuTh 1:30-2:45pm Global Warming...

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- 1 - Nufs139 TuTh 1:30-2:45pm Global Warming Controversies Introduction “In the history of science, no subject has been as meticulously reviewed and debated as global warming” (p.30). Indeed, the issue of global warming has so many arguments from an entire spectrum of voices from incredibly varied perspectives. In fact, a search of the words ‘global warming’ yields almost 20 million results and out of those 20 million, about 8 million are tied with the word ‘hoax’. First off, what exactly is global warming? According to scientists, Earth’s temperature has dramatically increased over the past century and is continuing to do so because of the rising levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (p.17). So how come global warming is such a controversial issue? There are many strong advocates saying that global warming is a real problem and is caused by humans, there are equally as many advocates saying the opposite. Many of those people are either scientists or politicians; there are probably more people who are in between or simply do not know what to believe. The truth is, it does not matter whether or not someone thinks global warming is real or not, if it involves the climates, it affects every living being on this planet. Argument One (Pros) There is an enormous amount of research and data about global warming out there and some might even contradict each other. However, most scientists, from all different fields, have concluded and agreed that global warming is indeed a real problem and is definitely increased by human activities (p.30). Studies have shown that the Earth is warming up because the increase of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, are causing the sun’s energy to be trapped in the atmosphere (p.21). “If carbon dioxide continues to increase… there is no reason to doubt that
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global warming - -1Nufs139 TuTh 1:30-2:45pm Global Warming...

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