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Believe - English 101 Lynn Lowery Believe Through Martels...

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English 101 Lynn Lowery 3/26/07 Believe Through Martel’s fictional story, Life of Pi , he encourages his readers to see not with our eyes, but with our imagination because it allows us to move on with life. Many people hold doubts, either doubts about themselves or doubts about the world around us. Having doubts will never lead us to obtaining our goals. Martel says having doubts will leave one “immobile” in life. Through believing in himself and the miracles around him, Pi continues his never-ending journey of life. Pi is portrayed as one who is able to believe quite easily. His unique background of having three different religions doesn’t just show that he is a religious person, but that he believes the world and its mysteries unsolvable by reason can be explained through miracles by God. These beliefs become his source of strength and hope as he perseveres through numerous struggles while stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat. His religions not only help him to proceed with life, but also allow him to carry on beyond death. As with many religions, followers like Pi believe in “life after death” or “eternal life”. Similar to the parables in the Bible, Martel creates this story with the objective of teaching his readers the lesson of having faith and the willingness to believe. The initial intention of his story is to make his readers believe in God. Martel wants us to believe in God, because then we shall have less doubts and a growing imagination. A prime example of where doubting may lead one immobile is when Mr. Chiba
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and Mr. Okamoto have a difficulty believing in Pi’s initial story. Their doubt clouds their mind from believing. As Pi mentions about agnostics, “To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation” (36).
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