forcesofnature - English 101 Lynn Lowery 2/21/07 The...

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English 101 Lynn Lowery 2/21/07 The Inescapable Wave Have you ever felt that you had no control of your life? Have you have felt as if you were choking under the pressure that at times were difficult to even breathe? Have you ever felt as if you hit rock bottom and was suddenly lost and confused? The harder you fought, it seemed like you make no progress but you just don’t give up. The warmth of the sun’s rays tickled my skin as I left my house. When I jumped into my friend’s truck, the surf report on the radio said, “The north shore is up to 5-10 feet.” My three buddies and I smiled in excitement as we took off with the windows down. The strong breeze raced through our hair. As we headed to Waimea Bay, I gazed up at the numerous palm trees swaying back and forth and the mynah birds persistently trying to fight the strong gusts of wind. It seemed as if these birds were putting in great effort to reach their destination, but the wind prevented them from getting there. No matter how hard they flapped their wings, they were not going anywhere. The wind caused their life to remain at a standstill. Once the wind calmed down, the birds could finally continue on their path that they started. When we pulled into the parking lot, my friends and I stopped and stared in awe at the beautiful, thrashing waves. These waves were at least eight feet high. As I gazed into the horizon, the ocean seemed so blue, and scattered sunlight reflected on its surface. Posted on the shore were warning signs, which read, “If you are an inexperienced swimmer, please stay out of the ocean.” Being the typical male teenagers, we acted
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fearless and would not let some warning signs prevent us from having fun. My buddies and I immediately disregarded the dangers, and within seconds, we anxiously sprinted
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forcesofnature - English 101 Lynn Lowery 2/21/07 The...

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